Currently in Vang Vieng. The scenery is beautiful here. Amazing cliffs and mountains surround this small town and there is quite a lot to do here (if you can haul your arse away from the reruns of 'Friends' and 'The Simpsons' that continually run in every bar/restaurant. A nice place to relax.

Went to Tham Hoi, Tham Loup caves yesterday, and Tham Nam cave today. Tham Nam cave houses an underground waterway. We went in on tubes with little head mounted torches. After floating and exploring for an hour or so and winding our way about a kilometre into the cave, my light decided to die. My friend Hannah's light was also coughing and spluttering with the intervals of complete blackness growing longer and more frequent. We decided we should probably have told more people where we were.....

But luckily we came out unscathed!

Tubing is also awesome fun down the Nam Song river. Just remember to pace yourself with the Beer Lao or you'll end up killing yourself off the many (some very high and very rickety) jumps and swings at the bars- especially since most places offer you free Laolao (lao whisky).


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Sounds Amazing! Wish I was

Sounds Amazing! Wish I was there with you!