I'm sure you've all been eagerly awaiting my next blog entries and thus have been disappointed at my lack of recent additions. Sorry but I have a long list of excuses- too long to go into here but I will just say that Laos was very taxing on the motivation!

The next few entries are basically ketchups on stuff that happened a while ago. I'll separate it out to make it easier to read.


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Hi Tane, glad there is some

Hi Tane,
glad there is some more new news - was getting disappointed looking at the same old,same old.  YOu do have this fascination with dogs eh!
COFA is back this week and here are 1000s of newies including a visit from the Federal Minister of the Arts - Mr. No One Could Remember His Name...
Tanyth sits alone most days dreaming of good times and ciggies shared with her Tane but she has a bit of new buddy in the form of John who is a bit of a giggler and smiles all the time.
Are you going up to Hong Kong to see Rachel?  I will be there on the 10, 11 12 of August. My mobile is +61402403882 if you are around.  I think I am staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Central
Keep enjoying yourself my friend.
Oh - and it was me who so long ago made the dig about the big cock image...