They say the US is really a lot of little sub countries all joined together, each with it's own customs, habits and beliefs.

So far this is abundantly true. Yesterday I bussed it to Virginia Beach VA. I thought it may be a relatively small beach town with some of that Southern charm people keep going on and on about, mixed with people on summer vacation.

In actual fact, it's as if all the worst parts of americana have slidden down to this cesspool to form a melting pot of the grotesque!

It's a little like Pathong Beach in Thailand, but without all the interesting things and full of all that is bland and stereotypical about this country- the fat, the really fat, the leathery skinned beach bums, the hicks, more hicks. You see so many homeless people, but then you realise that they are just poor locals who had the misfortune to be born here.

The most interesting thing is that there appears to be quite a few europeans here! Why?! I am at a loss!