So (which is how most San Franciscans start their sentences including Nigel now) we had a little car trouble on the way to Vegas. We were still over 90 miles away when the car started to lose power and I had to pull over. The shoulder was narrow and the slow lane next to us carried massive road trains / semi trailers along missing us by about 10 cm!

We had to get towed to Baker, the nearest town (inthe middle of fracking nowhere!) - which is really pretty much just a garage, and a couple of fast food outlets. We spent around 4 hours in 117 F (47 C) heat, waiting for the rip-off mechanic to tell us that it was going to take around 5 days for the part to arrive.

Luckily there was a guy who'd been there since 9am. His car was finally fixed and he drove us the rest of the way to Vegas!!!

16 hours after we left we finally made it!! The trip should have been half that!!

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