It was my second day and I really wanted to hire a motor bike. The lady at the restaurant (who hired out the bikes) didn't want to hire me one cause she thought I didn't know how to drive a manual (which I can't) but I was very insistent that I could.

She was in the process of handing me the keys when there was the sound of a truck's air horn combined with screeching tyres. When I looked around I saw this huge truck skidding along the road, a moped half crushed under the front wheel and the guy in the orange shirt sliding face down on his helmet visor!

There was police and ambulance and general pandemonium for about 20 minutes. The guy seemed ok. He had a few grazes and cuts  and a shit load of shock but he seemed ok. He was a foreigner though which made me wonder. The ambulance traded under the name 'Tourist Rescue Service'. That was the clencher. No bike for me. Well not right now anyway.


so sad..........

So sad to bike's very incarless to ride bike and thanks for the info and sharing.

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