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Gone to the Dogs

Just an observation. Anyone who travels to Thailand knows that there are dogs absolutely everywhere. Many are malnourished and flea bitten with all types of skin disorders and injuries, especially in Bangkok. Having said that most of them also have collars.

The reason there are so many dogs is because none of them are desexed so all they do is breed (while on Koh Samui I saw two dogs doing it in the middle of a relatively busy highway- observation two).

Because they breed so much, there are so many litters of puppies, so many mouths to feed which, my last observation,  leads the poor bitches to all have very saggy boobs!

Hit by a train but I'm ok!

No I didn't really get hit by a train but our train was derailed. We were travelling along the river Khwae on the death railway when the train suddenly stopped. We didn't really notice any serious jolts or anything.
We had to walk about 3 kms (a 5 minute walk according to the tour guide- pffff!) in the searing heat.

No actually I really did get hit by a train and it was all my fault that we all had to walk. Here's the proof!

hit by a train

Image Galleries Fixed

Not that anyone is looking, but there were issues with the previous and next buttons in the image galleries which I have now corrected for your convenience.

I'm not convinced!

There isn't a story but I thought it was funny! :D


No More Stitches!

I got my stitches out today. They took another x-ray to make sure it was healing and I hadn't somehow ruined the metal splint. So here they are!!!

Blessed by a Funky Monk

Today I travelled to a temple about 3km out of Thong Sala. It's 600 years old and is the oldest temple on Koh Phangan. On the way my faith in the generosity of the thai people was replenished when an elderly couple picked me up in their ute and dropped me at the path that wound up a hill to the temple.

While taking photos I was approached by the head monk who lead me into his home and prayer room where we prayed to Buddha (a little strange). These English guys then joined me. We all shared tea and chatted while he showed us his many photo albums. Flicking through them,we came acorss photos of him hanging out with JK from Jamiroquai. In JK's kitchen, garden and sitting in many of his cars from his amazing collection. Apparently they go way back and are good friends. Weird!!

More Moped Peril

Decided to use my legs today, and walked the 12 km or so from my bungalow near Thong Sala (south west) to Haad Rin (south east). Nice walk but the heat was intense so decided to get a moped taxi back. Ran into another reason why, especially on Phangan, hiring a bike can be a bad move! Shit I've only been here a little over a month and already I've witnessed 2 accidents and seen the results of numerous others!
Arguably taking photos of the accident is in poor taste, but I wanted to share the reality of what can and does happen all too often over here and usually only to farang!

What can you do with a Broken Arm?

I've spent the last 5 days in hospital after having my arm generously broken by a Thai guy with a baton.
Was my first day on Koh Phangan. Got to my bungalow called Coco Garden mid afternoon to find it was run by a couple of English lads. Dumped my crap in my room and went to the bar for a well deserved beer. Met these 2 english guys at the bar one of whom I recognised. Turned out to be a guy named Chris who plays Mickey on the Bill  and his mate. Spent the arvo and most of the evening with those guys at the bungalow and then at the Amsterdam bar which was loads of fun.
We had planned to go to the Halfmoon party together but after an afternoon in the sun drinking they weren't up for it so I decided to brave it alone. So I hailed down a pickup truck full of half drunk canadian backpackers and off we went.
After paying for my ride and the cover I realised I didn't have that much money left for drinking or getting home. The party was located in the middle of the jungle somewhere. I had no idea where my bungalow was or how to get back there from where I was. It was great insentive to meet as many people as possible, in the hope that one of them may offer me accommodation or at least point me in the direction I should be heading when I left. All in all it made for an awesome night. Until I was leaving.
Now this is what I "think" happened but I'm not entirely sure for several reasons; It being very dark, very late (about 6am), very- well at least a little "tipsy". . I was arguing with a girl who I believe was german or drunk but difficult to understand either way. I don't remember what we were arguing about but I know it was something petty. Next thing I know I've got three (could have been two, could have been four) Thai guys yelling at me in Thai which was only mildly less intelligible than the german girl. Then I'm being grabbed and pushed and suddenly hit with what I think was  a metal baton. There were heaps of people around leaving and I managed to get away pretty quickly. I think the whole thing was over in about 10-15 seconds! Next thing I know I can't move my arm!
Getting to a hospital is not as straight forward as you'd think- especially when you have no money and  no ID (I'd left my wallet at the bungalow so I didn't lose it or have it stolen). I boarded a songthaew (ute with a cab on the back- like a local bus) and told the driver to take me to the hospital. Instead he dropped me outside a doctors surgery somewhere and told me to wait an hour and a half until it opened. It was about 6.45 at this stage and there was no one around and I had no idea where I was. Finally a woman started to open her shop. After about 15 minutes of asking her how to get to the hospital I got a little desperate and a little upset (and  a little teary) at which point she realised that I wasn't having her on about my arm and I was in a fair amount of pain. So she finally got this nice guy to motorbike me to the hospital.
Had an xray, and yes my arm was broken. Well at least it was now an established fact and it wasn't all in my head. All I needed to do now was have it fixed. Easy eh. Nope. They didn't have anyone at this hospital who could do anything about a broken arm. I had to go back to Koh Samui (the island I'd come from the day before) to get it sorted. They also weren't going to let me leave the hospital without paying. I told them I needed to go and get money from my bungalow but they were convinced I'd do a runner so I had to leave my phone as guarantee.
To cut the rest of it short I had an operation in Koh Samui where they reset my arnm and put a compression plate between the bone, holding it together with screws. I'm back on Phangan now but have to hang around for a week before I have a get my stitches out and have another x-ray. There isn't really much to do here with a broken arm. Can't swim, can't snorkel, can't ride a motorbike can't really hike. Better get more books!! I'll post the x-rays when I get them. I am pretty proud of them for some reason. I've never broken an arm before. Sort of like building your first playdough brontosaurus.

Koh Samui

In the words of Keanu in 'Point Break', "I caught my first (wave) today sir".

Well it was yesterday now but there was actually surf. Sure it wasn't great. Probaby about as good as Coogee on an average day but I'm not complaining. Usually there is absolutely NO surf. No surf anywhere. All the beaches are just like a hot bath that you sit in for 5 minutes in an effort to cool down, get bored and get out again wondering if it was worth the effort to get all sandy and salty. Even if the waves aren't the best, there is still the anticipation that a good one will come along!!

I'm in Koh Samui now, an island off the east coast. I came here a few days ago to go to the full moon party. I've also been a bit sick with the food and have only really come right in the last 2 days after a week of spending time with my new porcelain best friend.

I've hired motorbikes a couple of times now. They are the best and easiest way to get around. The one I hired the other day had a failing front brake but my undersized helmet and thin T-shirt were protection enough for me.

I've also come to another realisation. The stereotype about asians being terrible drivers... They aren't. I think it is mainly to do with the road rules or lack there of that makes all the difference. People are a lot more cautious over here so even though most people ride around without shirts, helmets, sometimes carrying 3 kids and a dog, other drivers are very aware of the other traffic around them. They drive more slowly to allow others to be aware of them. Sure they overtake on the wrong side of the road against a torrent of oncoming traffic but they toot there horn and indicate and everyone is happy with this. It seems to work pretty well. The worst drivers I've seen have all been cocky westerners driving way too fast and way too close to the all too  vulnerable motorbikes other vehicles like little kitchen carts which travel around and sell you roadside food. This is what I've experienced so far. Bangkok may be different.

I bought a new camera too!!  :D But left the fracking thing in Phuket at a hostel so I have to go get it.

I've seen some fantastic ladyboy caberet here also. The show I went to last night had some really hot dancers/singers. Even with the male body shaped their faces were beautiful. The only way you could tell for sure was when they went round shaking everyones hands at the end. Big and rough like a brickies!

Anyway that's enough for now. Off to watch another caberet show and see some women kickboxing!

No Photos for a While

My camera is broken so I won't be uploading anymore photos until I buy a new one. I turned it on the other day to take a photo and the image on the screen looks like the POV of Preditor - you know, from the movie. Probably the CCD maybe but either way it's toast! :(
It's well annoying cause there's so much to photograph!!